Adventures in dog walking - The Strawberry Line

I have lived in Somerset for over 2 years and have been trying to find somewhere safe to walk my doglets. Ronnie is the main problem child; he can't be trusted near roads. He doesn't seem to realise that cars are much MUCH bigger than him; as are horses, cows, tractors and everything he likes to lunge at. I am pleased to say I have now finally discovered the perfect place, The Strawberry Line! There is a nice safe car park not far from me in Winscombe, and lots of doggy pals to say hi to along the way; Ronnie, Reggie and Suki love it!

The Strawberry Line is a disused railway line that is now a public footpath. It's a beautiful scenic walk, but is also quite interesting with remnants of it's previous life ever present, even the station platform!

I'm really looking forward to the summer when the ground is drier, so we can explore some of the fields and the mutts can stretch their legs!

The Strawberry Line stretches a loooong way, so if you live in North Somerset and like the great outdoors I suggest you check it out!

Claire x