Vintage Car Booty! - Cheddar car boot

I have been a bad blogger, I have not blogged for quite some time, sorry! Hopefully this will be the first of many catch up posts!

A while ago I made a cool find at the car boot at Cheddar (awesome car boot, if you live in North Somerset you have to go at least once!). Actually, I found a couple of box cameras, it was my other half Jamie that spotted a random box of vintage camera stuff.  

After some genius negotiation from Jamie the box was mine for £10, with a cine camera thrown in!!! 

A selection of goodies from 'the box'! 

When we got home it was like Christmas, opening up the box and finding out exactly what we had. Such a variety of items, lots of it un-opened and brand new!

Box cameras, slides, flash gun, cine camera

Cine camera lights, slides, slide and some developed film, tints

It was fascinating to think if who might have used them, and what kind of photographs they had produced (there were a few developed negatives too, mostly landscapes). 

Film, exposure calculator

Glass plates, slides, agitators, more glass plates

I have a small collection of vintage cameras, to which the box cameras and cine camera will be added. The rest of the bits and pieces will go on display, haven't quite decided how yet, but it seems to a shame for them to stay in a box unappreciated for another few decades. 

The flashbulbs are my favourite item, it's amazing to think they have such a short lifespan when modern flash bulbs seem to go on forever! Which item intrigues you the most? 


Claire x

Film, flashbulbs